Behind the scences - ProWein on tour

Foto: Selfi from Monika and Petra, @ProWein

Foto: Petra Langen and Monika Kissing at the "Weinfachhändlertag" 2021

with a pit stop at the “Weinfachhändlertag” organised by Wein & Markt in Heilbronn in mid-October

Foto: Karlheinz Radtke; @ ProWein

Foto: Karlheinz Radtke, owner of Weinkontor Wallau at Weinfachhändlertag 2021

Foto: Jutta & Jürgen Anders; @ ProWein

Foto: Jutta & Jürgen Anders from VINOTHEK Weinbar at Weinfachhändlertag 2021

Foto: Susanne Ulbrich, Weinsinn; @ProWein

Foto: Susanne Ulbrich, Inhaberin von Weinsinn auf dem Weinfachhändlertag 2021

Foto: Family Stork; @ Wein Stork

Foto: Family Stork, owner of the same-named specialized wine trade in Lüdinghausen at Weinfachhändlertag 2021

Foto: Monika and Hero Janßen, Weinkontor-Nordsee; @ ProWein

Foto: Monika and Hero Janßen, owner of Weinkontors at Weinfachhändlertag 2021