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Green Energy Park and Puklavec Family Wines announce strategic partnership to decarbonize wine production and distribution using hydrogen from renewable energy sources

Published 11 October 2023

·        Puklavec Family Wines to invest in a comprehensive decarbonization strategy exploring hydrogen to meet its Net Zero emissions goal.

·        First downstream partnership of the Green Energy Park franchise network.

·        Green Energy Park to deliver and deploy leading decarbonization technology.

·        Green Energy Park to supply hydrogen from renewable sources.


Rotterdam (the Netherlands) 11 October 2023 – Green Energy Park and Puklavec Family Wines are pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) at the World Hydrogen Congress in Rotterdam for the decarbonization of wine production and distribution using hydrogen from renewable energy sources.


The strategic collaboration between Green Energy Park and Puklavec Family Wines has a simple yet ambitious objective: the successful implementation of a comprehensive decarbonization strategy using hydrogen to meet the winery’s Net Zero emissions targets.

The trailblazing plan is to achieve the decarbonization of a leading winery using hydrogen from renewable energy sources. The core challenge is to meet the ambitious objective while not compromising on the economic aspects of the undertaking.

Green Energy Park recognizes the urgent need of many businesses to reduce their carbon footprint with cost-effective solutions. It is the combination of cutting-edge technology applications and the competitive pricing of green hydrogen as a feedstock which is critical for success.

Bart Biebuyck (CEO, GEP|Global) and Tatjana Puklavec (Owner of Puklavec Family Wines) signed a historic MOU at the World Hydrogen Congress 2023 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Specifically, the partnership will explore the potential of hydrogen as a renewable energy carrier for all aspects of wine production and distribution.

Green Energy Park and Puklavec Family Wines aspire to establish a successful model for other companies to follow in their own decarbonization strategy.

The partnership seeks to inspire the wine industry to establish best practices and share know-how for reducing carbon emissions using hydrogen from renewable energy sources for their processes.


The partnership between Green Energy Park and Puklavec Family Wines focuses on downstream applications of the fast-expanding Green Energy Park (GEP) franchise network.

GEP Piaui, with its initial one-gigawatt upstream renewable ammonia production facility in Brazil, is one of a minimum of eight upstream partners that will supply GEP Krk, a 10m tonnes ammonia capacity midstream facility, in Croatia.

Puklavec Family Wines will join this open network as its first downstream off-taker of hydrogen, delivered via ammonia as the renewable energy carrier of choice.  

Together we celebrate this completion of the renewable energy value chain, harvesting material synergies from vertical integration.

Accelerated by positive network effects, Green Energy Park enjoys a fast-expanding pipeline of downstream off-takers, ranging from automotive companies to Pulp & Paper mills, and multinationals in the Food & Beverage industry.

Combining cutting-edge hydrogen technologies with cost-effective ammonia supply will help meet one of the key challenges of the 21st century. Harvesting synergies from vertical integration of the ammonia value chain is an important success factor for accelerating the energy transition and to decarbonize the economy.



Bart Biebuyck, CEO of Green Energy Park said: "At Green Energy Park, we believe in the power of collaboration. Together with Puklavec Family Wines, we aim to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change and inspire others to join our open network. Our mission is to demonstrate that cost-effective decarbonization solutions and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand."

Tatjana Puklavec, Owner of Puklavec Family Wines said: “We are very excited to work on this important project with Green Energy Park and to establish a strategy for reducing our carbon footprint in all aspects of our company’s operations. Sustainability has always been a priority at our company, and we believe that this cooperation will be a major step in achieving our goals. Together we want to inspire others to implement their own successful decarbonization strategy using hydrogen.”


ABOUT Green Energy Park

Green Energy Park is a vertically integrated, renewable energy franchise, that shares know-how, technologies, experience, and best practices between its global network members. Its focus is on hydrogen technology applications with ammonia as the renewable energy carrier of choice.

The franchise objective is to develop, finance, build and operate renewable energy facilities under a common brand. Its goal is to unite upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities around shared values and a common mission.

Green Energy Park's mission is to positively impact society by accelerating the energy transition and providing cost-effective renewable energy to consumers and businesses around the world.



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ABOUT Puklavec Family Wines

With roots dating back to 1934, Puklavec Family Wines is located in North-East Slovenia, a traditional wine-making region surrounded by Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Building on a legacy of excellence, the winery is the biggest exporter of wines from Slovenia, servicing more than 20 countries around the world. Puklavec Family Wines have won the highest awards at the most prestigious international wine competitions and are best known for their fresh, fruity, and mineral character.

The estate cultivates over 500 hectares of vineyards in the Jeruzalem Ormož region, where most of the grapes are still handpicked today. IFS certified, the winery has recently obtained the sustainability standards Global GAP and Global GRASP. The Winery’s mission is to further reduce its carbon footprint and to meet its Net Zero emissions target by 2030.





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