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Craft Beer (Same but Different)

Craft beer breweries at ProWein

Known for its international diversity in terms of wine, our trade fair opens doors for ambitious players in the world of craft beers. Beer producers, brewers, craft beer suppliers, microbreweries and craft beer wholesalers all have a place here. Organic craft beer breweries, who are particularly committed to an ecological and sustainable company philosophy, meet in Düsseldorf once a year to line up one highlight after another. With 15 exhibitors from Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, France and the US, craft beer breweries will therefore play a key part at ProWein 2024 – and their importance is constantly growing.

From German breweries who pride themselves on traditional beers such as Pilsner, Weißbier and Kölsch, to Italian brewers who are innovatively reinventing India pale ale (IPA) and seasonal beers – there are no limits to the creativity at ProWein. Greek beer producers surprise with a fascinating fusion of tradition and modern brewing techniques. They often use local ingredients such as fruits, honey and even olive oil to refine the texture and taste of their beers.

France, renowned for Champagne, is also showing its beer skills by offering everything from farmhouse ales to bière de garde. Australian beer producers are pioneers of quality through innovation and their very hoppy IPAs and pale ales delight all the senses. And last but not least, in the US, the Mecca of the craft beer movement, there is an almost endless selection of beer styles from strong IPAs to creative sours and barrel-aged stouts. The US stays true to its motto: Think Big.

Brlo, one of the leading Berlin craft beer breweries and Kehrwieder, a renowned brewery from Hamburg, are just two fascinating examples of the art of brewing that await you at ProWein. Immerse yourself in the world of beer brewing and craft beer brewing and take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover the wide range of beer varieties from craft beer breweries and get a glimpse into the countries’ traditions and innovations.

Craft beer producers

The exciting world of beer has undergone a revolution in recent years and it is known under the name craft beer – where the focus is on craftsmanship and combinations of new flavours. Beer is not simply brewed but celebrated: from classic beers such as Pilsner to complex IPAs and wild sour ales, there are no limits to the beer creativity here. All in the spirit of a new beer experience!

Craft beer breweries are both custodians of tradition and drivers of innovation. Craft beer producers refine old recipes and create new taste experiences that challenge and delight the senses. At the next ProWein, you will also find a wide range of well-known and new craft beer breweries, presenting their philosophy and passion in bottles through one-on-one conversations and tastings.

Organic beer breweries

Beer is also going organic!

In the flourishing world of beer there is a special niche that not only benefits the palate but also the environment: organic beer breweries. More and more people are becoming increasingly interested in environmental issues and sustainable agriculture. As a result, breweries are stepping up their commitment to organic farming for their ingredients, such as barley, wheat and hops.

What makes organic beer so exceptional is the strict regulation of no chemical pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers used in hop growing. This practice fits perfectly with the rising trend of refocusing on natural, unadulterated food. Organic beers are often seen as being very pure and tasty, with the breweries focusing on the ingredients’ natural flavours. The use of locally grown and seasonal ingredients is common practice that not only supports the regional economy but also minimises the ecological footprint.

Organic beer breweries can now be found all over the world, from Europe to North America to Asia and Australia. In countries with strong environmental movements like Germany, the US and Denmark, organic beers have become an important part of the craft beer market. The outlook is also promising for the future: the demand for sustainably produced food is continuously rising. With their unwavering commitment to quality, taste and ecological integrity, organic beer breweries are contributing to enriching the craft beer scene and creating a more positive relationship between consumers, breweries and the environment.

Be surprised by the diversity of organic beer producers at ProWein this year and discover new beer varieties and flavours from all over the world. Draw fresh inspiration from the producers and find out how you can integrate craft beers into your business. It’s definitely worth a visit!


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